FAQ: Essay What I Like About South Korea?

What do you like about South Korea?

The locals of the country are incredibly friendly, polite and helpful. The Korean culture is a great mix of old Korean traditions and western ideals. People of South Korea are proud of where they’re coming from and are also enthusiastic about learning more about the culture of foreigners!

Why do I love South Korea essay?

South korea i love korea because the place is full of fresh air and the street is so clean, the people here are so fresh and they have a smile on their face. They are healthy and have a beautiful glowing skin because they preserve the trees and look after them.

Why South Korea Is My Favourite country?

South Korea is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, in which it has its own culture, language, and customs that are different from other Asian countries. South Koreans are very proud people in which they pride themselves in their traditional culture and their financial success.

Why do you like to go to Korea?

History & Heritage. Steeped in traditional culture, South Korea shows off its history and heritage proudly. Home to 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites that include temples, palaces and fortresses in cities like Seoul, Gyeonggi and Jeju, learn all about the country’s imperial past.

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What food is famous in South Korea?

Korean food: 40 best dishes we can’t live without

  1. Hangover stew (해장국)
  2. Kimchi (김치)
  3. Soft Tofu Stew (순두부찌개)
  4. Samgyeopsal (삼겹살)
  5. Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)
  6. Chimaek (치맥)
  7. Instant noodles (라면)
  8. Kimchi Stew (김치찌개)

Why South Korea is your dream destination?

South Korea is a dream destination – an engaging, welcoming place where the benefits of a high-tech nation are balanced alongside a reverence for tradition and the ways of old Asia.

Why do you love living in Seoul?

It’s got a massive eating out culture. I actually do cook a lot at home, even more these days than I used to, but at heart I am a massive foodie, one that’s always on lookout for great food to eat and great new restaurants to try out. And Seoul is definitely one of a food lover’s favorite cities to live in!

What is Korean culture?

Korean culture is profoundly influenced by Confucian principles and this pervades not only personal lives, but also business. Confucianism supports group harmony, respect for elders and authority, the importance of family, friendship and ancestors, and also, tradition.

Is South Korea expensive?

Seoul – even though Seoul is an expensive city, there are lots of free things to do during a South Korea budget trip. If you’re visiting Seoul on a budget, you can visit many various museums and eat cheap street food at the many markets.

Does South Korea get a lot of tourists?

Travel destinations of Korean tourists The number of Korean domestic tourists has increased since 2010. The number of people who participated in domestic travel (which includes one-day trips) was about 238.3 million (in 2015). It increased by 4.9% compared to 2014 (227.1 million).

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