Often asked: Essay On Why I Want To Join Merchant Navy?

Why do you want join merchant navy?

Here are the reasons why you must opt for a Career in the Merchant Navy: An Exciting and Adventurous profession. Excellent salary structure • Financial independence, you start earning as a deck cadet. Lots of responsibility at a very early age.

Why did you join merchant navy best answer?

In merchant navy, you are tending multiple opportunities of feeding your adventurous passions. From taking up challenges in the ocean to exploring distant lands, you work and enjoy at the same time. A merchant marines career is like having day-to-day adventures. It’s a life of adventure out there.

What you think is merchant navy?

The merchant navy is a term used to refer to the commercial sector of the maritime industry. The merchant navy has no involvement in military service, but rather the shipping of cargo and people across sea routes aboard cargo ships, tankers, and cruise liners.

Why did you choose Maritime?

Maritime or Offshore is an industry related to the work at the sea. This is your chance to also hone your leadership skills for you may need to work with limited men or team members. Good Wages. For the knowledge of the readers, wages earn by the seafarers are higher compared to other professions.

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What are the benefits of merchant navy?

Enhances Professionalism Working in the merchant navy enables individuals to function better as a unit. Merchant mariners are required to possess good communication skills and extreme resourcefulness, along with following and maintaining high discipline.

Is merchant navy a permanent job?

1. Sailing is a Permanent Job. Most of the shipping companies, to be more precise approximately 70% of them manage their ships on contract basis. Even the rest 30% of the companies do not have any clause on permanent employment in their contracts; rather they man ships on round-the-year contracts.

Is merchant navy interview hard?

Do not expect the interview to be simple, but then again, it is not something you can’t handle, as long as you are prepared. There is nothing mild about the merchant navy. the duties/roles involved in it are not easy hence, it requires capable intellectual and skilled applicants.

Is merchant navy is good or bad?

A career in the merchant navy is considered a glamorous job, especially by the people who have been bitten by the travel bug. It offers an opportunity to visit new and exotic places all around the globe. Merchant Navy career is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and quite challenging.

What are your strengths?

In general, your strengths should be skills that can be supported through experience. For example, if you list communication as a strength, you may want to recall a situation in which you used communication to reach a goal or resolve a problem.

Do merchant navy ships have WIFI?

More than 80% of shipping companies now provide some level of onboard internet access to crew for welfare and operational reasons. 82% of these respondents said they provide internet access to seafarers for personal use on board ships. Of these, 58% provide online access to crew for free.

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What is the fees for merchant navy?

According to the DG shipping website/IMU of India, the course fees of maritime courses for governmental institutes are as followed: 4 year BE/B. Tech Marine Engineering course – Approx. INR 225,000 / year; i.e. INR 10,00,000 for 4 years course.

Why do you want to be a seafarer answer?

What is the reason why do you want to be a seaman? The main reason why I became a seaman is not by to travel around the world but to be a successful chief engineer. I want to work onboard the vessel and help my family. My greatest motivation is my dream to become a world class chief engineer.

Is Maritime a good career?

Good Wages: Wages earned by seafarers are normally above similar professions ashore. According to the ICS, in developing countries, ships’ officers working on internationally trading ships are amongst the very highest paid in their countries. Opportunities for accumulating savings, even when young, are considerable.

What are the ranks in a ship?

The “ranks” that make up the ship’s team include:

  • Master.
  • Chief Mate (also called Chief Officer)
  • Second Mate (also called Second Officer)
  • Third Mate (also called Third Officer)
  • Deck Cadet.
  • Chief Engineer.
  • Second Engineer.
  • Third Engineer.

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