Often asked: If You Had Power What You Would Do With It Essay?

What would you do if you had superpower?

“If I had one superpower, I’d like to create electricity. I would go to all the far places in the world and give them electricity so that the lives of people living there would become easier.”

What would you do if you had superpowers essay?

If I had one superpower that could let me change the world,I would like that to be the power to make everybody happy. If they have any problem,they should be able to solve it easily. I would make the whole world stress-free. I would only use my super powers to help people who are in trouble,just like Superman.

What would you do if you were a superhero?

What Would You Do If You Were A Superhero?

  1. Feed everyone in the world- there’s plenty of food to go around, it just can’t get it there because of poor governments.
  2. Make presidential elections a thing of dignity.
  3. Hang sex traffickers upside down and slowly dip them in a pool of alligators.
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What superpowers would help the world?

5 Superhero Powers Nobody Realizes Could Save The World

  • 5 Wolverine’s Healing Powers Could Revolutionize Medical Science. Marvel Comics.
  • 4 Gambit Could Give Us Endless Renewable Energy. Marvel Comics.
  • 3 Cypher Could Solve History’s Greatest Mysteries.
  • 2 Storm Could Fix The Ozone Layer.
  • 1 Swamp Thing Could Undo Global Warming.

How can I develop super powers?

A few simple tips can have you performing heroic deeds in no time — cape not included.

  1. 1) Gain super creativity! Take a hot shower.
  2. 2) Add powerful new habits! Use the “20 second rule.”
  3. 3) Gain unstoppable willpower! Eat something.
  4. 4) Instantly reduce stress! Get out in nature:
  5. 5) Super learning! Write a summary.

What are the strongest super powers?

What superpower is the most powerful?

  • ELEMENTAL CONTROL. Elemental control comes in many forms, and it is clear that some are nowhere near as powerful as others.

What would be the best power to have?

With that in mind, here are the 20 best superpowers of all time, ranked!


What is considered a superpower?

Superpower, a state that possesses military or economic might, or both, and general influence vastly superior to that of other states.

Why is flying the best superpower?

Flight, Flight is better than any other superpower because, it can transport you faster than any other superpower. There are two different types of flight, the most common one is buoyant flight. If you ever come across a dog that is going to run into a truck, you can save it by flying fast, but on the other hand, Mr.

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What is this person’s super power examples?

7 Superpowers That Will Make You a Great Leader

  • Persuasion. Your ability to persuade others—to win them over to your point of view and inspire them to action—is grounded in your relationship with that person and in your own integrity.
  • Positivity.
  • Observation.
  • Decisiveness.
  • Modesty.
  • Tenacity.
  • Insight.

How do you know if you have super powers?

5 Fun and Free Ways to Identify Your Superpowers

  1. Get curious about the people you admire. Try this: make a list of 5 people you admire.
  2. Start an Infinite List of what you do well.
  3. Excavate your proudest accomplishments.
  4. Ask the people who know you well.
  5. Follow the flow.

What powers would you have if you were a superhero?

Our first tip is to choose a simple but strong and effective superpower, for example:

  • Endurance, strength or resilience.
  • Observation.
  • Speed.
  • Agility.
  • Sensitivity to what other people are thinking and feeling.
  • The power to influence your environment.

What would be the most useless superpower?

The 30 most useless superpowers ever created

  • Giant stomach maggots.
  • Ability to translate any language.
  • Sound mimicry.
  • Skiing for death.
  • Spreading infections.
  • Turning into water.
  • Acidic bodily fluids.
  • Cross-dressing. Most crime-fighters wear a mask or full-body costume to protect their true identity.

What’s the most powerful power?

The US retains its position as the world’s most-powerful country. US News calls it “the world’s most dominant economic and military power” and notes now its “cultural imprint spans the world” thanks to its production of movies, TV, and music.

How do I get water powers?

The different ways water powers the world

  1. Impoundment power plants.
  2. Run-of-river generation.
  3. Pumped storage.
  4. Tidal range generation.
  5. Tidal stream generation.
  6. Wave generation.

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