Question: How I Saved A Drowning Boy Essay?

How can you save a boy from a drowning paragraph?

Fortunately I had learnt swimming and infact was quite a good swimmer. I caught hold of the child in my arms and put him on my back. Slowly I swam back towards the banks. As I reached the bank the mother’s eyes glistened with tears of joy.

How you saved a drowning child?

To find a CPR course, go to or

  1. Take the Child Out of the Water.
  2. Get Help, if You Are Not Alone.
  3. Check for Breathing and Responsiveness.
  4. If the Child Is Not Breathing, Start Rescue Breathing.
  5. Begin Chest Compressions.
  6. Repeat the Process.

How do you describe someone drowning?

“The instinct not to breathe underwater is so strong that it overcomes the agony of running out of air. No matter how desperate the drowning person is, he doesn’t inhale until he’s on the verge of losing consciousness. A spasmodic breath drags water into the mouth and windpipe, and then one of two things happens.

What is the first aid for drowning?

Turn the drowning person’s head to the side, allowing any water to drain from his or her mouth and nose. Turn the head back to the center. Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on land, if possible, or in the water if the injured person needs immediate life-and-death measures.

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How long after drowning can you be revived?

New research shows that cold water drowning victims can be brought back to life as long as two hours after they drown if the right steps are taken. That means even if the heart has stopped beating and the victims’ brains aren’t getting the oxygen we all need to stay alive.

What are the causes of drowning?

Common Causes of Drowning

  • Having weak or nonexistent swimming skills.
  • Lacking a separation barrier.
  • Swimming in unsupervised areas.
  • Failing to wear a personal flotation device (life jacket)
  • Not recognizing what a drowning victim looks like.

What not to do when someone is drowning?

If you suspect someone is drowning, follow these USSSA guidelines: “Throw, Don’t Go” — Never just jump in because a drowning person can accidentally pull their rescuers under with them. Tossing a lifesaving device, rope, towel, or even pool noodle helps the drowning person without increasing risk to others.

What are the 5 steps of water rescue?

Water Rescue Methods

  • Reach – Try to reach the victim with your arm or leg. If a pole or sturdy stick is available, try to use that to reach out to the victim and pull him to safety.
  • Throw – Throw something to the victim.
  • Row – Get a boat out to the victim.
  • Go (with support) – Swim out to the victim to rescue him.

How do people drown?

Common drowning locations include natural and man-made bodies of water, bathtubs, swimming pools, and even buckets and toilets. Drowning occurs when an individual spends too much time with their nose and mouth submerged in a liquid to the point of being unable to breathe.

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What happens to a body after drowning?

Death occurs after the lungs take in water. This water intake then interferes with breathing. The lungs become heavy, and oxygen stops being delivered to the heart. Without the supply of oxygen, the body shuts down.

How many types of drowning are there?

Drowning can be categorised into five different types: near drowning, dry drowning, freshwater drowning, salt water drowning and secondary drowning.

Do you bleed when you drown?

Asphyxia by Drowning Induces Massive Bleeding Due To Hyperfibrinolytic Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.

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