Question: How To Conclude A Tok Essay?

Does a TOK essay need a conclusion?

Conclusion of TOK essay The purpose of the conclusion is to create a sense of closure in the audience. So you will create a very good ending of your TOK essay if you find a way to write about your thesis and knowledge in a slightly different way and formulate the key arguments in a new manner.

What is the purpose of a conclusion in a TOK essay?

What is the purpose of a conclusion in a TOK essay? To prevent your essay ending abruptly, you should write a conclusion which draws things together and gives your reader a sense of closure. Rather than repeating what you have already said, try to find a new way of formulating your key insights.

What makes a good TOK essay?

The TOK essay is about knowledge (how we come to know things). It helps to think of the essay as though you’re showing the most interesting bits of a conversation between two smart people, about how we know things. Or you could think about it like presenting two sides of an argument, in front of a judge.

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How do you write a TOK essay?

How to Write a TOK Essay: Understanding the Structure and Requirements for a Killer Copy

  1. Understand the Prescribed Titles.
  2. Choose Your Title Carefully.
  3. Understand the Grading Criteria.
  4. Read the Essay’s Instructions Carefully.
  5. Brainstorming Ideas around the Title of the Essay.
  6. Identify the Knowledge Issue in the Essay Title.

What is a mini conclusion?

Your mini-conclusion is a simple statement that combines the insights of your claim and counterclaim. (I.e. “Looking at the role of imagination in art, we can see that it is helpful in many instances, but imagination can also sometimes obscure reality.”) Try to be a little wise here.

How long should my tok essay be?

Essay length The maximum length of the essay is 1,600 words. Extended notes, extensive footnotes or appendices are not appropriate to a TOK essay and may not be read. The word count includes: the main part of the essay.

How many paragraphs should a TOK essay have?

(It’s a 9 paragraph, 3 section structure which works with just about every question). It will make a lot more sense if you are. When you first get assigned your real ToK essay, you’ll have a few “titles” to choose from. You choose a title, and then you have to come up with a KQ for it and then a thesis.

How do you get full marks in Tok essay?

7 Tips for Your TOK Essay

  1. Become friends with Ways of Knowing (WOKs) and Areas of Knowledge (AOKs)
  2. Be familiar with the terminology.
  3. Challenge personal biases and preferences.
  4. Vary research methods.
  5. Make an outline first.
  6. Read past TOK essays that received high scores.
  7. Reverse engineer outlines for past TOK essays.
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What makes a good explanation Tok?

This example shows that good explanations in natural sciences are those that are supported by evidence. The evidence makes them true because they can be reproduced by other experts. In other words, the validity of an explanation depends on its ability to make people understand a particular concept.

Why do we seek knowledge TOK objects?

It enables students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge, and to pursue their personal interests. TOK exhibition is an individual task where specific objects of real-life and personal importance are connected with Internal Assessment (IA) prompts within one of the TOK themes.

How do you write an outline for a tok essay?


  1. Introduction (approx. 200 words)
  2. Body (approx. 1200 words)
  3. Conclusion (200-250 words)
  4. Topic.
  5. Base your outline upon the knowledge issues and the thesis.
  6. Define the scope of your TOK essay.
  7. Consider your style and language.
  8. Create an account of your evidence.

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