Question: How To Deal With Peer Pressure Essay?

What are three ways to resist peer pressure?

Resistance tips

  1. Look the person in the eye.
  2. Speak in a polite, but clear and firm, voice.
  3. Suggest something else to do.
  4. Walk away from the situation.
  5. Find something else to do with other friends.

Why is peer pressure good essay?

Advantages of Peer Pressure Most importantly it creates a sense of motivation in the person. Which further forces the person to cross the barrier and achieve something great. Furthermore, it boosts the confidence of a person. Because our brain considers people’s opinions and makes them a priority.

How do you resist negative peer pressure?

Have your child practice the following steps to resist peer pressure:

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Use a calm voice.
  3. Say clearly that you do not want to engage in that activity.
  4. Suggest another activity. Give a reason.
  5. If the person tries to convince you, keep saying “No.”
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How do you say no to peer pressure?

Say “NO” consistently. Just say no repeatedly until your friends give up trying to convince you to follow their plans. Don’t let FOMO (the fear of missing out) or peer pressure get to you because there’s a perfectly good reason why the voice in your head is telling you to say no to your friends.

What are the 4 types of peer pressure?

Types of Peer Pressure

  • Spoken Peer Pressure.
  • Unspoken Peer Pressure.
  • Direct Peer Pressure.
  • Indirect Peer Pressure.
  • Positive Peer Pressure.
  • Negative Peer Pressure.
  • Peer Pressure in Adolescent Men.
  • Peer Pressure & Sexual Activity.

What are the main causes of peer pressure?

Causes for Peer Pressure

  • Weak personality.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Social acceptance.
  • Avoidance of bullying.
  • Improvements in coolness.
  • Humans want to be liked.
  • Hormonal reasons.
  • Bad parenting.

Is peer pressure good or bad?

Powerful, Positive Peer Pressure Peer pressure is not always a bad thing. For example, positive peer pressure can be used to pressure bullies into acting better toward other kids. If enough kids get together, peers can pressure each other into doing what’s right!

Is peer pressure good or bad speech?

Peer pressure can certainly be beneficial. It can motivate someone to do something that they may not otherwise have had the strength or willpower to do. Our peers can understand us better than, say, our teachers or parents, because they are of a similar age, and are going through the same experiences as us.

What are the negative effects of peer pressure?

Negative effects of peer pressure include:

  • pressure to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.
  • pressure to engage in risk taking behaviours.
  • distraction from schoolwork.
  • distance between family and existing friends.
  • drastic changes in behaviour and attitudes.
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Do you find it difficult to resist peer pressure?

People find it hard to resist peer pressure because they are afraid of losing their friends, or being left on their own, or even of ‘letting people down’. But they can also struggle because they simply don’t know how to get out of the situation gracefully. There are a number of skills involved in peer resistance.

What are the 5 refusal skills?

What are the 5 refusal strategies?

  • Say “NO THANKS.” The easiest but some forget to try it.
  • Strength in numbers.
  • Use Humor.
  • Give a Reason, Fact or Excuse.
  • Cold Shoulder or Ignore.
  • Change the Subject.
  • Walk Away.
  • Broken Record or Repeated Refusal.

How do you overcome peer pressure and stay self motivated?

20 Ways to Avoid Peer Pressure

  1. Ask 101 questions.
  2. Say “No” like you mean it.
  3. Back-up a no with a positive statement.
  4. Be repetitive.
  5. Practice saying no.
  6. Get away from the pressure zone.
  7. Avoid stressful situations in the first place.
  8. Use the buddy system.

Why do we say no to peer pressure?

Develop confidence in your ability to resist negative peer pressure. Sometimes you can’t help but find yourself succumbing to the things your friends do – how they eat, how they dress, and even how they talk!

What are the effects of peer pressure?

Carrie stated, “negative peer pressure can be detrimental to self-esteem, influence clear decision-making, and increase stress. In the worst cases, it can lead to harmful or dangerous behaviors that could result in death, such as car accidents involving alcohol, accidents, drug overdose, and more.”

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How do you stand up to peer pressure?

5 Ways to Handle Peer Pressure

  1. Choose Friends Wisely. While some friends will encourage you to make positive choices, others will try to pressure you to make negative and even destructive choices.
  2. Learn to Stop.
  3. Practice Saying No.
  4. Consider Consequences.
  5. Consider Alternatives.

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