Question: Why Rotman Mba Essay?

How do you write a Rotman MBA essay?

Make any explanation short and sweet. You do have to explicitly explain your “spike factor” because the question directs you to. But you don’t have to do it at the start of the essay, and you don’t have to do it at length. Consider starting the essay with an anecdote to engage the reader.

What is Rotman MBA known for?

The Rotman Full-Time MBA program is designed for talented individuals seeking a transformative learning experience. The program will challenge you to push your limits, expand your creativity and focus your critical thinking and decision-making skills to transform your leadership potential.

Is MBA from Rotman worth it?

It felt like the right time to reflect, was it worth the money! I did my MBA from Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) and I LOVED IT! I started my MBA in 2008, when we were in recession and we might be in that situation now. Education is very often something we consider during the times of recession.

Why should I go to Rotman?

Rotman is a catalyst for transformative learning, insights and public engagement, bringing together diverse views and initiatives around a defining purpose: to create value for business and society. Visitors to Rotman often comment on the special feeling in the air.

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What is a Spike Factor?

Beyond that, our admitted students stand out by doing interesting things with their personal and professional lives — something we describe as the ‘spike factor’; what are the things that you have done in your life that demonstrate Passion/ Grit/ Resilience/ Innovation/ Drive/ Ambition and more?

In which areas has the applicant distinguished himself herself most?

Of the qualities listed above, in which areas has the applicant distinguished himself/herself most? His strong sense of task ownership and versatility are two of his qualities that distinguishes him the most.

Will an MBA increase my salary?

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey, MBA graduates will earn more than their colleagues without one. At $115,000, the median salary of MBA grads is 75% more than that of people with a bachelor’s degree alone, the survey found.

Which MBA is best in Canada?

Top 12 MBA Programs in Canada

  • #1 McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management.
  • #2 University of Toronto – Joseph L.
  • #3 York University – Schulich School of Business.
  • #4 HEC Montreal.
  • #5 Queen’s University – The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business.
  • #6 Concordia University – John Molson School of Business.

Is Toronto good for MBA?

Known as Canada’s Global Business School™, Schulich is ranked #1 in Canada and among the world’s leading business schools by many MBA surveys, including The Economist, Forbes and CNN Expansión. The Kellogg-Schulich EMBA program is ranked #1 in Canada by the Financial Times and The Economist.

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Is Schulich MBA good?

Schulich is a good business school, especially for marketing, finance and Tech specializations.It also offers a bunch of other specializations which are innovative and hard to find within Canada.

Is Rotman better than Queens?

As we’ve already outlined above, Queen’s Smith and Toronto Rotman are fairly comparable when it comes to the basic facts—Queen’s is more affordable while Rotman graduates earn more and live in the financial capital of Canada.

Is Rotman better than Ivey?

Rotman is stellar don’t get me wrong but I just like how Ivey is structured better. Only thing Ivey lacks is an internship, but based on what I’ve heard getting a good job without an internship is definitely doable. Ivey grads also seems to have a higher average starting salary at ~115k.

How do you get a Rotman MBA?

Admissions Criteria

  1. A recognized four-year undergraduate degree. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or a mid-B average in the final year of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  2. Work experience.
  3. GMAT / GRE score.
  4. References.
  5. Essay.
  6. Interview.
  7. English language proficiency.

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