Readers ask: What Do You Want To Become An Ias Essay?

Why do I want to become an IAS officer essay?

The first reason is service to the nation. I want to contribute to nation’s advancement by becoming an IAS officer. Our country needs lots of dedicated, honest and hardworking officers at the central and state level posts. Most of the resources are wasted in corruption, mismanagement, and other unfair practices.

Why do you want to become an IAS officer best answer?

Moreover, professional growth in IAS is rapid. They get a chance to serve in various departments of government. This variety of assignments and rapid professional growth and are enough for high job satisfaction for me. Last but not least, IAS’s prestige and pride are also a reason I want to join IAS.

Why do you want to become an IAS?

You will have job security that no other private job can offer. You will have legitimate power and authority. You can actually do some good for people and society with your power. Of course, they would be proud even if you end up in a private job, but the IAS is something else.

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What want to study to become a IAS?

To become an IAS officer and crack the UPSC CSE exam a candidate should hold a graduation degree from any recognized University. Even a candidate appearing for the final year of graduation can appear for this examination. Candidates who have taken correspondence education are also eligible for this examination.

What is your aim life?

So every person must have a definite aim. So, the aim of life is to give your life a purpose and a meaning. Certainly, it is done by finding out what truly matters to you. Your purpose is to create more joy in life or to show others how you can live your life in the best possible manner.

What is the duty of IAS officer?

The job of an IAS officer includes framing policies and advising the ministers on various issues, maintaining law and order, supervising the implementation of policies of State Government and Central Government, collecting revenues and function as courts in revenue matters, supervising expenditure of public funds as

What is the salary of IAS?

As per 7th pay Commission an IAS officer gets Rs 56,100 rupees basic salary. Apart from this these officers get many allowances including travel allowance and dearness allowance. As per information an IAS officer gets around more than one lakh rupees as salary every month including the basic salary and allowances.

Which degree is best to become an IAS officer?

To become an IAS Officer you need to be graduate from any recognized university. Now coming to your question most of the aspirants prefer humanities degree courses over any other courses due to the fact that it help them a lot during the preparations. You can do B.A, B.A Political science, B.A History etc.

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Why do u join IPS?

An IPS officer specializes in policing and investigation. He builds a reputation of efficiency and expertise in his chosen field and respected by everyone. The organisations like CBI, IB and RAW personally monitored by the PM.

Are IAS officers Rich?

IAS officers have been found amassing disproportionate assets and wealth varying from ₹200 crore (US$28 million), to ₹800 crore (US$110 million).

Is IAS interview difficult?

As of now, the IAS interview panel consists of eminent personalities from different fields and is headed by a chairman. However, it does sound challenging but considering that you have already sailed past the prelims and main exam, interview should not be much difficult.

What if I fail in IAS interview?

(News) Failed in UPSC CSE interview?: You may still get an opportunity to qualify for top government jobs. Here is a good news for the UPSC aspirants who qualify for UPSC Personality Test (Interviews). If you are not get into the final list, you may still get a top govt. job.

Which subject is best for IAS?

After considering the latest UPSC syllabus and recent IAS results, the top 10 optional subjects in UPSC can be listed as follows:

  • Medical Science.
  • Literature.
  • Anthropology.
  • Public Administration.
  • Psychology.
  • Law.
  • Geography.
  • History.

Can 12th pass apply for UPSC?

In order to become an IAS Officer, you must apply for CSE exam conducted by the UPSC. You must also crack the exam (preliminary, mains and interview) in order to get selected for the training. So technically, 12th passed students can’t appear for this exam right after 12th.

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Which degree is best for IPS?

Answer. Hey aspirant, For becoming an IPS you have to give UPSC exams, for clearing this tough paper you should do that course which have similar subjects with the syllabus of UPSC. BA is one the best degree you can have which will help you for preparing for civil services from your college.

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