Readers ask: Why Usc Essay?

Does USC have a why USC essay?

Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests at USC. This is USC’s take on the classic Why essay. In asking how you plan to pursue your interests, admissions is really trying to suss out your core reasons for choosing USC.

How do I write an essay for USC?

The First USC Essay

  1. Pick a question that lets you show a different side of yourself that you haven’t shared yet.
  2. Choose a topic that allows you to tell a story (remember: paint a picture with your words)
  3. Avoid prompts that repeat what you’ve already said in your Common App.

Why should I attend USC?

I decided to go to USC because of the school spirit, the challenging academics, the beautiful campus and the Trojan Network. There are so many activities and organizations to be involved in on campus, I really felt like I chose a school that had everything to offer as far as the ideal “college experience” is concerned.

Do you need to write an essay for USC?

USC requires applicants to write two 250-word responses in addition to the Common App essays. For the first essay, USC gives students a choice of three essay prompts. The second essay is mandatory for all applicants; we will provide an example response for that prompt as well.

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How do I answer a USC supplemental essay?

Prompt 1: Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests and why you want to explore them at USC specifically. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections (250 words). Prompt 2: Respond to one of the prompts below (250 words).

How did you get into USC?

Clearly, you’ll need to have a pretty high SAT/ACT score in order to be considered a competitive applicant to USC. For the SAT, most applicants have a minimum score of 1420, or the 95th percentile nationally. Meanwhile, for the ACT, most applicants have a minimum score of 31, or the 95th percentile nationally.

What does USC look for in students?

We also consider personal qualities, as revealed in community involvement, leadership and achievements. USC students pursue ambitious intellectual and professional goals by studying across disciplines and taking advantage of the diversity of programs available. They are willing to venture outside their comfort zones.

What does it mean to be educated USC?

The word “education” can take on a variety of meanings. To some, receiving a high school or college diploma is the ultimate mark of being “educated,” while others take a different view. At USC’s liberal arts and sciences school, we are looking for students who are ready to think critically and creatively.

Why is USC so popular?

Founded in 1880, USC is known for its schools of business and film, but it is also more subtly regarded for offering students a unique blend of great academics and a robust social life. USC has Trojan football and Greek life, but it also boasts a renowned film school and top-ranking business programs.

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Is everyone at USC rich?

USC students are known to be very wealthy and stuck up. We are also considered to have an attractive student body. Some people also say we are just students that didn’t get into UCLA or Stanford. I’m in the graduate MFA program so we aren’t exposed to too many stereotypes, or even hear too much about them.

Why is USC so special?

The University of Southern California not only has the Trojan Family connection, the strongest alumin database in the entire country, but the amount of school spirit and pride that the students and alumni have for the university is what makes USC one of the most fun schools to attend.

What is USC application fee?

Application Fees A nonrefundable application fee is required for each program to which you apply. The application fee is $90 for all graduate programs, except those offered by the Marshall School of Business ($155) and the International Academy’s Pre-Master’s program ($175).

Does Harvard have supplemental essays?

In addition to academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation, Harvard requires one essays, and two optional essays. With such daunting numbers, it’s no wonder that students are often intimidated by Harvard’s extremely open-ended supplemental essays.

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