What Did She Write In Her Last Essay?

What did Anne Frank write in her essay?

Answer: In her first essay, titled ‘A Chatterbox’, Anne wanted to come up with convincing arguments to prove the necessity of talking. She began thinking about the subject. She wrote three pages and was satisfied. She argued that talking was a student’s trait and that she would do her best to keep it under control.

What did Anne write in her last as given by Mr Keesing?

Mr Keesing had assigned Anne to write an essay on, ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox ‘. Anne decided to write the essay in verse and she wrote a beautiful poem. It was about a mother duck and a father swan with three baby ducklings who were bitten to death by the father because they quacked too much.

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What did Anne Frank write in her third essay about 1 point?

She wrote a beautiful poem about a mother duck and a father swan with three baby ducklings who were bitten to death by the father because they quacked too much. She indirectly hinted mr keesing who was trying to stop anne from the natural habit of talking.

Why was she unable to get closer to her already existing friends?

She felt that a paper has more capacity to absorb feelings than people’s mind. As she thought she was too lonely and had no real friends, she decided to name her diary “kitty”. She mentioned many things in her like on June 20, 1942, she mentioned that how everyone in her class was nervous about results.

What traits of students did Anne mention in her essay?

She mentioned that talking is a students trait but must be controlled. She also wrote that she is into habit of talking because of her mother was also talkative and she cannot do much about this inherited trait of hers. In the essay, she tries to justify her talkativeness.

How did Anne justify her being a chatterbox in her essay?

Answer: Anne justified her being a chatterbox in her essay by explaining that it is due to her mother who was also very talkative and nobody could do anything about their inherited traits.

Who was Mr kissing?

Mr. Keesing was Anne’s Maths teacher. He was annoyed with Anne because she was a very talkative girl and talked too much in his class. He assigned her extra homework, asking her to write an essay on the subject, ‘A Chatterbox’.

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How did Anne finally stop Mr Keesing from punishing her explain?

Answer: He asked her to wrote an essay on quack quack quack said mistress chatterbox. Anne finallly stop mr. keesing from punishing her by writing a poem about three duclings who were bitten to death by their father swan because they quack a lot.

Who helped Anne to write 3 as a verse?

Who helped Anne with her third assignment? Anne’s friend, Sanne was good at poetry. She offered to help her write the essay from beginning to end in verse.

What is the main feature of an essay according to Anne Frank?

(a) The main feature of an essay is to give convincing arguments in support of the necessity to talk. (b) Anne argued that talking was a students trait and she got it from her mother so nothing could do about this inherited trait.

When did Anne make her first diary entry?

First Diary Entry In Anne Frank’s first full diary entry dated June 14, 1944, she reflects on her birthday which occurred two days previously.

Why does Anne think she is lonely?

Anne Frank feels lonely and neglected throughout her time in the Secret Annex because she receives very little support from the others who are in hiding. Anne felt she didn’t have a true friend because no matter how many people she called her friend, there was no one she could really talk to or confide in.

Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with her *?

Keesing. The maths teacher was annoyed with her because she talked too much in the class. After several warnings, he gave her extra homework like a sort of punishment. She was assigned to write an essay on the topic, ‘A Chatterbox’.

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Who would Anne allow to read her diary *?

Answer: Anne Frank decided that she will allow someone to read her diary only when she found a real friend But she didn’t knew that one day whole world will read her diary

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