Why I Like My School Essay?

Why do like my school?

My school helps people who are bullied and that’s why I really enjoy going to school because the teachers and pupils are really nice and friendly.” “My school offers a lot of activities and it makes learning fun!” “I like my school because we have really friendly staff!

Why do I like my school paragraph?

My school teaches me discipline, respect, and responsibility. I love my school because it has lots of facilities. There is a big playground, a computer lab, library, science labs, prayer hall, and a cafeteria. There are so many students studying in the school from Kindergarten to higher secondary classes.

Why do I love my school 10 lines?

Ten Lines on My School

  • My School is the best school of the city.
  • It is located in the center of Varanasi.
  • My school name is Sant Atulanand Convent School.
  • I love to go to my school very much.
  • I study here from LKG.
  • It has a big playground.
  • It also has a big computer lab.

What should I write about my school?

My School Essay In English For Class 1

  • My school is one of the most popular schools in town.
  • My school building is very spacious and beautiful.
  • My school has a huge playground where I can play various outdoor games.
  • I have many friends at my school where we study and play together.
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What do I love about my school?

10 Reasons Why I Love My School

  • My school is incredibly unique.
  • I am not just a number at my school.
  • I feel like I am contributing something to the community.
  • I really do feel like it is my home away from home.
  • My professors know me and I feel that I can easily communicate with them.
  • The incredible people i’ve met.

What is a life of a student?

Meaning of Student Life Student life is the daily life of a student, typically involving social activities within the educational campus, or the time spent with school-mates and teachers.

What is school life?

School life is one of the most important phases in the life of a man. It is the period during which one learns the basic principles of behavior, speech, and etiquette. School life, in fact, is a period of learning and training in all the aspects of the personality of a man.

What word is school?

noun. an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age:The children are at school. an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field. a college or university.

Do you think school is fun?

Answer: Yes school is fun. Explanation: School is the first place where children learns basic education.

What are five sentences about your school?

Every month we have competitions, activities, games, book fair etc. I m having lot of friends and I love my teachers. The best place I like in this world is my school. I love studies our teachers teaches us many things and they teaches in so interesting way.

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What is school simple words?

A school is an educational environment where children go to learn from a teacher. Learning may take place in the classroom, in outside environments or on visits to other places. Colleges and universities are places to learn for students over 17 or 18 years of age. Vocational schools teach skills people need for jobs.

How is your school life?

School life teaches us lots of new things and prepares us to face all the challenges of life. I love my school life and really enjoy it. I have lots of friends, and all my teachers love me. I love my school and enjoy going there every day to meet my friends and learn new things.

What is the importance of school life?

School plays a very important role in every person’s life and in child development. The children of today are the future of tomorrow. The role of school in our life, a school, promotes interest and empowers them with opportunities to become successful individuals.

How would you describe your school?

Here’s one way that you can use this word to describe your school: E.g. “ I love how open and spacious the school is. I can breathe and move freely without bumping into anyone.” A non-toxic school environment is one that doesn’t hinder students’ growth and doesn’t make learning hard for students.

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